Just a few or large-scale manufacturing


No matter how many you need, if it is just a few items or if you need a large number of products, we are here to help! We use CAM programming (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to control our CNC machines, and in our own mechanical workshop we do everything from milling (bed milling and CNC, including having a 5 axis CNC milling machine) and lathing (NC) to welding and conventional processing. In other words, we have a complete mechanical workshop where we can handle any kind of project.


By letting us handle the entire project on your behalf, we will shorten your lead times and enable a faster delivery. We have a broad experience as subcontractors when it comes to prototypes, molds, fixtures, tools, rollers, machinery and spare parts, and we also do surface treatments and pre-fitting of parts.


Our computer-controlled machines accept all file formats, and our assignments are often short series or single unit manufacturing with advanced and complex details. Many times, our products are also a part of a larger automation solution.